SimEarth - The Living Planet

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How to play SimEarth - The Living Planet

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

SimEarth - The Living Planet Description

The player can vary, among others, the atmosphere, the temperature and mass of the planet he controls. The next step is to place the different forms of life on this planet and watch them evolve. Like many games in the series Sims, Sim Earth has no specific purpose, the challenge and the difficulty of producing a intelligent life and civilization advanced. Although the game is admired at its output, its sales were not as important as the previous hit: SimCity.

The control of the planet available to the player is fairly complete; control panels allow the player to control the many parameters: component gas atmosphere, with percentages to 3 decimal places, the speed of continental drift, among others. The list of natural disasters ranging from cyclones to epidemics of plague.

Despite the humor in the game and manual, SimEarth can be rather disconcerting; species can occur on or off without any obvious reason. The mass extinctions, however, are often followed by periods of diversification and renewal, allowing the player to experiment with new species and new ecosystems. The open nature of the game and the lack of clear purpose may explain his lack of popularity, since players usually prefer to have complete control over the course of the game.

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