Tunnels and Trolls - Crusaders of Khazan

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How to play Tunnels and Trolls - Crusaders of Khazan

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Tunnels and Trolls - Crusaders of Khazan Description

Crusaders of Khazan is a computer adaptation of the tabletop role-playing game Tunnels and Trolls, developed and published by New World Computing in 1990 for the PC, FM Towns, PC-88 and PC-98.

A long time ago, a war broke out in the Dragon Continent between the great wizard Khazan and the demon queen Lerotra'hh the Death Empress and her sorcerer consort Khara Kang. Wishing to stop the bloodshed, Khazan proposed a truce to Lerotra'hh: Khazan would go into exile in exchange for a promise that the evil pair would allow humankind and monsterkind to coexist peacefully. Lerotra'hh accepted the proposal and Khazan was never heard from again. As the game begins, however, Lerotra'hh has broken the pact and now she prepares her Dark Legions again to attack again. The player's quest is put this threat to an end (meaning killing Kang and then Lerotra'hh) and to bring Khazan back to this world to enforce the peace.

The game is a fairly typical computer RPG of its era, featuring an icon-driven user interface, turn-based top-down combat and auto-mapping.

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