Elroy Goes Bugzerk

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Elroy loves bugs and has entered the 10th Annual Insectathon. Along with his dog Blue, he wants to find the rare cyberbug Technoloptera in order to beat his arch rival, Gordon Smugs. His parents have gone on a yoga retreat and left him with a farmer. Elroy explores different areas and the player, when clicking on items found, can learn different facts about insects. Throughout the game, some quizzes will occur on information learned. So, keep your eyes and mind peeled for anything you come across.

The game characters are fully animated and voiced. Elroy will climb a tree, wander through a tunnel, chase a chicken, and even explore the Insect Hall of Fame among many activities. If you make a mistake, you must go back but you can also save anywhere in the game.

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Windows 3.x
Game year: 
Headbone Interactive
Developed by: 
Headbone Interactive
Elroy Goes Bugzerk - Cover Art Windows 3.1
Also known as: 
"Elroy får insektsfnatt" -- Swedish title

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DOS 1994
Amiga OS 1989
DOS 1997
DOS 1983
DOS 1991
DOS 1993
Windows 3.x 1995
DOS 1990