Wrath of the Gods

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How to play Wrath of the Gods

Each game uses different controls, Games can a combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Wrath of the Gods Description

Wrath of the Gods is a 1994 adventure-style computer game. It makes use of digitised backgrounds and sprites. The story is based on concepts and characters from Greek mythology. Billboard called it "a landmark effort in the realm of live-action games."[1]

The game is played from the point of view of a young royal child about whom it is prophesied that he will take the kingdom from his parents. He is abandoned to the wolves on a mountainside, but is discovered by centaur Chiron and raised by him. When the character is grown, the centaur gives the young man a ring that was found in his baby blankets and a few gems and then sends him out into the world.

The game is played from a two-dimensional perspective, and the player moves by clicking in the appropriate direction. Throughout the adventures, the player meets characters from Greek mythology. Billboard noted its "high quality visuals, seamless effects and wealth of interactive features".[1]

The game also features educational component where the player can view images of Greek art and learn about Greek mythology and history.

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