Xenoblaster: Attack of the Xorg

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How to play Xenoblaster: Attack of the Xorg

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Xenoblaster: Attack of the Xorg Description

There was a time when there was peace, but it seems so long ago. The United Alliance, which included all intelligent species in this part of the galaxy, had been at peace for a long time. However, a danger emerges that threatens every species' way of existence. They are the Xorg, a cybernetic race that "absorbs" other cultures because they feel it makes life better for everyone.

They either destroy or brainwash what they do not consume. The toll has been catastrophic. The Human Confederation is the last survivor of the United Alliance. The Confederation is launching its final attack on Xorg. You must buy us some time as the lone remaining captain with war expertise.

The freshly built Confederate Starfighter STARBLADE, which is nearing completion at Earth Spacedock, is at your disposal. Your actions will determine the fate of all sentient life in the cosmos. Have fun playing Xenoblaster: Attack of the Xorg on Classic Reload!

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Xenoblaster: Attack of the Xorg
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