M*A*T*H*S Circus

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Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.


M*A*T*H CIRCUS is a collection of puzzles based on the theme of a circus. The puzzles are "mathematical" in that they require reasoning, but they are better described as problem-solving activities, designed to stimulate the user and to provoke clear thinking in an enjoyable and challenging manner. There are twelve puzzles, each with five levels of difficulty. Together, these address a wide range of ages and abilities.

M*A*T*H CIRCUS provides challenging and thought-provoking entertainment for all ages. The lowest levels of many of the puzzles are suitable for the youngest members of the family — even those at pre-reading ages. Most puzzles have very little text. The youngest users might need help from an older person to read any text and explain the concept of the puzzle. However, once they grasp the intent of each puzzle, they will be able to meet the challenge. The middle levels generally require more persistence and the development of a strategy, while everyone — including adults — should find the top levels of some of the puzzles quite tricky.

Older children and parents should avoid giving too much help to younger users. Help them to read any text and to understand what each puzzle is about, but let them work out the solutions for themselves. Remember that it might take younger children some time to work out what appears obvious to an older person.

There is no one correct solution to each puzzle. It is up to the user to explore and to work out a suitable approach. If you are not sure what to do, guess. Solutions are found through trial and error — even if it requires more error than trial!

credit to: Ethan F.

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Game year: 
Greygum Software
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Power Industries
Also known as: 
Maths Circus

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PC Booter 1983
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