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How to play Beam Invader

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.On the battleground, player is only able to move their ship from one side to the other and only shoot vertically towards aliens hovering above it. At the start screen, all the aliens and the points they are worth are displayed on the screen. After the start screen, player can choose the number of player which will be playing.

Beam Invader allows a maximum of two players to play each round alternatively. Key 1 selects the solo player game, while key 2 selects versus mode. Player can move their spaceship to the left and right with the left and right arrow buttons. The ALT and CTRL key activates the gun system which fires one projectile at a time. One shot of missile fired from the player’s ship is enough to kill one alien, no matter what species it is. This also applies to the player, as their ship can be destroyed when hit by one of the missiles dropped by aliens in formation.

Beam Invader Description

Beam Invader is a space shooter game published by Tekunon Kougyou in 1979, a year after Space Invader was released. Beam Invader is one of the several clones of Space Invader and it features similar character and gameplay as the latter. The field of play is displayed on a vertical screen with a pitch black background to simulate space, typical of most space shooter games.

Just like the original Space Invader arcade game, this game features very similar alien characters with the same formation as it is in the original game. The player controls a spaceship which is stationed at the bottom of the screen. The spaceship has a gun system that allows it to shoot one missile at a time. With the aid of the gun system, player is able to destroy assaulting deadly aliens and the aliens in formation. Aliens come in four forms and the two sets of aliens at the top of the formation drop bombs on the player’s ship in an attempt to destroy. Shooting and destroying all aliens award points and each point add to the overall score of the player.

The first kinds of aliens are always at the bottom of the formation and they award 10 points each. The next alien on the formation drops bombs on the players and they award 20 points each. The extra-terrestrials on the third line of the formation are worth 30 points each and they are capable of dropping missiles as well. The last types of aliens are the Mystery aliens, they appear randomly on the screen. Points scored by killing the mystery aliens are not fixed and each of them an award from 100 to 500 points.

Apart from the gun system, there are four blocks positioned between the player’s spaceship and the hordes of aliens descending towards it. The four blocks take most of the missiles fired in player’s direction but they slowly lose their integrity as they are being hit. When all the blocks are compromised and destroyed, the player’s ship is left exposed to alien missiles. The alien missiles are not the only projectiles that can compromise the four blocks, player’s missiles can also gradually destroy them.

Player’s ship has two spare lives and when the spaceship is destroyed during the game, the extra ship allows player to start from where they left off. When all the spare lives are exhausted, the game starts from the first round if player’s vessel gets destroyed. Aliens initially appear close to the top of the screen but slowly moves towards the player’s vessel. Unlike Space Invader, spy aliens do not the hordes of aliens to assault the player. When player successfully clears the wave of aliens on the first level, they can then move on to the next stage.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Beam Invader

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