Castle Wolfenstein

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How to play Castle Wolfenstein

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Castle Wolfenstein Description

Also known as Wolf 2D

The player can attempt to kill enemy characters (guards) in two ways, either by shooting the guard, but this expends bullets, a scarce commodity in the game, and risks raising the alarm if another guard is present in the room, or by using a grenade, which is sure to attract the attention of nearby SS guards. The guards die with a scream of, "Aieegh!" which is made even more chilling by the raspy quality of the digital sample. Once an enemy soldier is dispatched, his body can be searched for bullets, keys, grenades, and bulletproof vests.

An alternative to shooting your way out of the castle is to find a uniform (either in a chest or from a dead guard), at which point the normal guards will think you are one of them. However, the SS guards are smarter than that, and will usually notice that you aren't one of them. Typically, this means that the best strategy is to quickly obtain a uniform, and then attempt to sneak by any SS guards you run into along the way, since it's difficult (especially at higher levels) to win an outright shootout.
Upon entering the castle, where the game begins, the player is equipped with a gun and bullets. Once the player starts moving, he attracts the attention of the guards, who will try to shoot or apprehend him. He must either run from the guards, or kill them.

There are two styles of guards, the basic guards, and the SS Stormtroopers who wear bulletproof vests with "SS" plainly emblazoned on them. The regular guards are fairly daft, reacting only to the sounds of gunshots and grenades, or seeing you wandering about without a uniform. The SS guards are much smarter, and tend to chase you once you grab their attention. They usually require a large number of bullets or a grenade to kill as well.

Guards do not always have to be killed, however. Pulling a gun on a guard usually will cause them to put their hands up, and you can frisk them for ammo, bulletproof vests, grenades, etc. The player can still choose to kill the guard at this point, but it is not strictly necessary.

Some rooms contain locked chests which can be picked and searched. Some are empty, but some contained useful items such as bullets, grenades, the war plans, uniforms, and bulletproof vests. And some contain Liebfraumilch, Schnapps, Eva Braun's Diaries, and other items that are interesting but worthless for gameplay. Edible items, when ingested, result in funny comments on their taste

Castle Wolfenstein - additional information

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"Wolfenstein 2D" -- Popular title
"Wolf2D" -- Abbreviated popular title
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