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How to play Golden Tee Golf

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.In place of the joystick or trackball used in the original coin-operated machine, the left, right, up and down arrow keys on your keyboard can be used to aim before you make a shot. Pressing and holding the front and back arrow keys allow to make a front and backswing with your selected club. The maximum distance is attained when you make a full backswing with your club.

During a backswing, you can slice or hook the ball by pressing the left and right arrow keys. The ALT and CTRL buttons can be used to hit the golf ball. To earn bonus points, aim to score pars and birdies.
The arrow left and right arrow keys can be used to select a club after using your mouse to click on the option at the left side of the screen. Golden Tee Golf allows the maximum of four players who can only play alternatively.

Golden Tee Golf Description

Golden Tee Golf is a horizontal gold video game published in 1990 by Strata Games also known as Incredible Technologies. Incredible Technologies is an arcade game manufacturer and designer based in Chicago, the U.S. The company is popularly known for its hit arcade game series Golden Tee Golf. Incredible Technologies was founded by Richard Ditton, a NASA engineer and Elaine, a biochemist in 1985. What started as a micro establishment in the basement of its founders became a successful video game and class II casino game company after producing several hit game titles. Some of the popular arcade games by Incredible Technologies include Capcom Bowling, Strata Bowling Hot Shots Tennis, Time Killers and Ninja Clowns. The company operated under the brand name Strata Games briefly in the 90s before it was changed to its current brand name.

Golden Tee Golf is a sports arcade game that allows you to play virtual golf with almost all the elements of a real course simulated on the screen. You start the game with 31 strokes, which you have to push into the holes to score points. On the left side of the screen, you have options to choose your club and the direction which you would like to swing it. Also, the number of par, distance from the target hole in feet, number of used strokes, number of holes, and the speed of the wind are all displayed to aid each aim you take. In the segment where the speed of the wind is displayed, there are arrows which also signifies the direction of the wind.

The course is displayed, and a character which simulates every move you choose to make is also displayed on the screen. There are three courses which are located on a green field in between trees, shrubs, and a nearby lake. Before you take each aim, the number of remaining strokes is displayed. Occasionally, a scoreboard is shown to display the number of hole and par made in each round. On the left bottom of the screen, an aerial view of the course is shown.

Golden Tee Golf simulates almost all the features of a real golf course, therefore all real golf regulations apply. The game is displayed on a 2D scrolling screen with an aerial and back view of the course and the player. When you hit the tee, the perspective does not change, which makes it hard to see the ball after it leaves the tee. However, the segment which the aerial view is displayed gives a relatively blurry view of where the ball lands. Golden Tee Golf is an interesting virtual golf game with impressive gameplay.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Golden Tee Golf

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