El Viento

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El Viento (エル・ヴィエント Eru Viento, derived from Spanish meaning "The Wind) is a 2D platformer video game released by Wolf Team and published by Renovation for the Sega Mega Drive/Sega Genesis game console in 1991. It is set in the same fictional universe as Earnest Evans, taking place in 1928; The main character, Annet Myer, was saved by Earnest as a child. She is a young sorceress from Peru who eventually marries Earnest Evans and uses magic of different types to defeat realistic enemies. The plot revolves around the sorceress Annet trying to stop a cult from summoning the evil god Hastur. It was followed by a single sequel titled Annet Futatabi ("Annet Again") for the Mega CD.

As with many Wolf Team games, the music was composed by Motoi Sakuraba.

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SEGA Genesis
Game year: 
Renovation Products, Inc.
Developed by: 
Wolf Team
El Viento  - Cover Art Sega Genesis
Also known as: 
"エル・ヴィエント" -- Japanese spelling

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