World Grand Prix

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How to play World Grand Prix

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.At the start screen, choose the mode of play. Key 1 selects the single player game, while key 2 select the multi-player game. To move the motorbike left and right, press the left and right arrow keys. The up arrow key accelerates the bike while the down arrow key serves as the brake pedal. To shorten your race time, score high points and get upgrades, press down the accelerator key.

While navigating a sharp turn, it is best to break early to avoid veering off the track. When the turn has been fully navigated, it is now safe to accelerate fully. On the straight part of the track, it is best to keep holding the accelerator, as the vehicle runs less risk of veering off the track. However, other racers have to be minded so as not to crash into them. When another racer is close, veer your motorbike from their lane and try to accelerate past them. The banking technique is best used when navigating a hairpin bend. However, you must be cautious not to bank the motorbike too early, as it can run off the track and crash. The less you use your brake the faster you go and the more time you gain. Using the brake less and the accelerator more makes it more possible to win the race.

World Grand Prix Description

World Grand Prix is a racing video game published by Sega in 1986 and released on the Sega Master System console. Sega Games Co. Ltd. is a Japanese game developer and publisher know for creating several successful game franchises and home video game systems. The multinational company has international branches in the Americas and Europe. The arcade division of the company existed and was branded Sega Interactive Co. Ltd. Sega started as a coin-operated machine manufacturer in the late 1960s. After the arcade game era, the company started developing video game consoles which became very popular in the late 80s. Some of the famous game franchises produced by Sega include Total War, Yakuza, Tetris, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

World Grand Prix is a racing game that requires the player to race against time and other players on a track. At the beginning of the game, the map of the course is displayed and it consists of 12 tracks which the player must race fast enough so as to score high points. There are different laps in the race and to proceed to the next lap, the player must finish 6th or better. The player races with a motorbike which is displayed in a first-person perspective. The asphalt track must be navigated with caution so as not to veer off, lose time and eventually lose the race. On the top part of the screen, there is a straight representation of the course which shows how close the player is to the finish point, race time in current lap and previous ones, speed per hour, number of the current laps, and current position in the race. Player must race as fast as they can and keep their motorbike on track to gain more speed and finish the race with high points.

In an event where the player veers off the track, the motorbike is slowed down and it runs a risk of crashing. When the time set is beat, player’s motorbike upgrades and makes it easy to race faster in the next lap. In place of a rearview mirror, the screen signals the player about oncoming racers closing up from behind. After the game, the best race time of the player is recorded and shown on the start screen.

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