Sooty & Sweep

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How to play Sooty & Sweep

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Sooty & Sweep Description

Sooty and Sweep are two famous characters from British children TV that have appeared in various shows for more than fifty years. This platformer is the first game featuring the characters and they have got themselves into some problems. Matthew has gone out and left Sooty in charge of the house. Problem is that Sweep has left all his old bones all over the house and left the door to the garden open so that all kinds of bugs have gotten in. The game simply involves collecting all of the bones while avoiding the creepy crawlies that are occupying the house. The player can choose to play as either Sooty or Sweep and they differ in the weapon they use. Sooty uses a magic wand while Sweep uses a water pistol. They both have the same effect on the enemies though, stunning them for a few seconds so that the player can move past. Different items can be picked up. Keys are needed to unlock doors, sticky buns can be used to attract the bugs, magic boxes recharges the wand while water bottles refill the water pistol. There is also a two player mode where Sooty and Sweep compete in getting the largest score. This is done by snatching each others bones and by throwing custard pies.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Sooty & Sweep

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Sooty & Sweep - additional information

Game year
Sooty & Sweep - Cover Art Commodore 64