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How to play Phoenix

In order to play the game you will need to use your keyboard, similar to other arcade games you will use the number 5 on your keyboard in order to "enter a coin" which literally means "start" the machine. The control on your keyboard will use us to shoot rockets at the enemies and the enemis. use the left ALT in order to activate the protection shield from the diving birds.

Phoenix Description

Phoenix is an outer space-themed, fixed shooter similar to Taito's Space Invaders.
It was developed by Amstar Electronics (which was located in Phoenix, Arizona) in 1980, and released by Centuri in the United States and by Taito in Japan.
Phoenix is one of the most challenging games ever made! In this game, you are a spaceship, your goal is to shoot your enemies! our enemies in this game are birds, from several kinds , some will try to throw an egg on you and some will try to dive and crash into the mothership.

your spaceship has few abilities, it can move horizontally at the bottom of the screen and fire rockets upwards. in order to fight back properly the diving birds the ship is equipped with a shield that can be used to zap any of the alien creatures that attempt to crash into the spaceship. please pay attention - you can not move while the shield is active and must wait approximately five seconds before using it again.
How many lives do you have? great question! the game starts with three or six lives, depending on the settings - you better check that before the game starts. .
How long does it take to move to win and be able to move to the next level? each level has five separate rounds, you must complete a round to advance to the next.
one of the main reasons I find this game so fun and addictive is the great level of interest it crerates every time i play it! this game nevers gets boring even after few hours of playing thanks to multiple changes in the plot , increasing speed and unpredictability of the bird and phoenix flights.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Phoenix

Cheat #1 always stay on the move! the birds move really fast and they cross the screen vertically and horizontally, in order to avoid them smoothly try to always keep moving in order to confuse them! Cheat #2 do not use the protection shield until you are sure a bird in diving in your way! the birds try to make you spend your protection shield time for no reason, so they consistently dive down but goes immediately back up - do not fall in the trap! be smart! Cheat #3 place your fingers on all the needed buttons- in this game your responses time is extremely critical to your success - placing your fingers on the buttons ahead save confusion and precious time. Cheat #4 the graphics can sometimes confuse your eyes, try focus on the lower level of the birds - the birds are organized in rows and the ones which are most likely to attack you are the ones un the lowest row - closest to you.

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