Luigi en Circusland

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How to play Luigi en Circusland

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Luigi en Circusland Description

The second part of the Novels of the Spanish platformer about the adventures of Luigi, the brother of the famous Mario. This time, the story is even more conditions than in the first part: Luigi got a hostile circus, which should kill the evil clown with guns and other enemies (it should be noted, is very funny and original) by a known naprygivaniya them or else the two types of strokes.

Graphics in the game is not worse than the first part, but the gameplay more boring (shared its principles have remained unchanged since the first part), and the game itself - in short, although to call it bad, of course, in any case impossible. By the way - it was the last game of the Topo Soft and, in fact, one of the last, or even the last "classic Spanish" game (like the first part, it has never been published outside the country).

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