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Baron Frankenstein has instructed his hunchback servant Egor to collect tools and bodies for him to use in his quest to create artificial life. As Egor, the player must search through Frankenstein's castle, the dungeons, the surrounding forest, the local village and other areas in this side-scrolling platformer. Despite the grim themes, the game is a humorous cartoonish one.

Each task begins in Frankenstein's lab with the Baron telling Egor what item he requires. Egor must find it, put it in his sack and return to the lab to receive the next task. Along the way there are enemies such as ghosts, skeletons, rats, bats, animated body parts, local townsfolk and others. Instead of a health bar, Egor has a Frightometer with a range from calm to panic. Touching enemies moves it ever more towards the maximum. Once that is reached, Egor will drop what he is carrying, flee to the lab and in so doing lose a life. There is a way of reducing the meter, though: meeting up with the local serving wench will calm Egor's nerves and return it to zero. It is also reset when an item has been delivered.

Once Egor has found and returned the weather chart requested by Frankenstein, the game introduces a time limit. The timer starts at around 74 minutes and counts down to the electrical storm that will bring the monster to life. Failing to collect all required items within the limit means the end of the game.

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Amiga OS
Game year: 
Zeppelin Games Limited
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Enigma Variations Ltd.
Frankenstein - Cover Art Amiga

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