Star Trek - The Next Generation - Trivia

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How to play Star Trek - The Next Generation - Trivia

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Star Trek - The Next Generation - Trivia Description

Star Trek: The Next Generation is a trivia game with questions about the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation , originally published by George Broussard under the label Micro F / X Software , before landing all'Apogee who later riproprose with same title. It consists of three volumes, the first of which distributed as shareware , while the others were available for a fee. Each volume contains 100 multiple answers on various topics. It was also possible to buy, for $ 100, the source code of the program.

Apogee was not authorized by the holder of the copyright rights of Star Trek; when Paramount found out, the software company offered a license. Apogee refused, arguing that the license would cost more than the gains obtained and obtainable with the game, so they preferred to take away the title from the catalogs and release it into the public domain , [2] together with another title based on Star Trek, Trek Trivia .

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