Lords of Chaos

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Each game uses different controls, Games can a combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.


Turn-based strategy game based on Julian Gollop's earlier games, Chaos and Laser Squad. The setting is pure fantasy — the Old World is wrecked by magical discharges, and the wizards who attempted to keep it balanced ultimately gave up, and used their skill to create a new world. These Lords of Chaos (up to four, played either by human or computer) may now battle for control of this world.

The idea of the game is to escape the level within a certain number of moves (preferably carrying lot of treasure and having killed the evil wizard Torquemada). Along the way you can use wizardry weapons and spells (there are 45 in total, created by combining ingredients) to conjure up mystical creatures like dragons and unicorns, but unfortunately so can Torquemada. Worlds include marshlands, castles and forests.

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Amiga OS
Role-Playing (RPG)
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Blade Software Ltd.
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Mythos Games Ltd.

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