Ancient Domains of Mystery

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Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.


Ancient Domains of Mystery, or ADOM, is a roguelike video game by Thomas Biskup first released in 1994. The player's aim is to stop the forces of Chaos that invade the world of Ancardia.

Like most roguelikes, ADOM uses ASCII graphics to represent the game world. Recent versions optionally can be played using tile based graphics, soundtracks and sound effects.It features a wilderness map that connects different types of dungeons.[1] Most dungeons are randomly generated on first entering. Once visited, they — with the exception of the Infinite Dungeon — do not change when re-entered during play.

Since 2012, after a 9-year hiatus, development has been resumed by Thomas Biskup on ADOM as well as its successor ADOM II (a.k.a. JADE). Due to a crowdfunding campaign the latest versions are only available to those who participated, but version 1.2.0p23 has been made available for public download.


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Ancient Domains of Mystery DOS Cover Art
Also known as: 
"Ancient Dungeons of Mystery" -- Working title
"ADOM" -- Official abbreviation

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Windows 3.x 1992
SEGA Genesis 1994
Windows 3.x 1999
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ColecoVision 1983
SEGA Genesis 1996