Anvil of Dawn

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How to play Anvil of Dawn

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Anvil of Dawn Description

Anvil of Dawn is a 1995 fantasy role-playing video game developed by DreamForge Intertainment and published by New World Computing.
The game was released 1995 for MS-DOS and was one of the last of the classical DOS RPG's with blockstep movements and semi-3D environment. The game presents a real-time, three dimensional view from the character's perspective. It was released on CD and features fully spoken Dialogue and several pre-rendered cut scenes. The player controls only one character throughout the game, which is chosen at the beginning from 5 different heroes. The other characters can then be met in the game also trying to fulfill the quest. The game is mostly action oriented but also contains some puzzles. There are no experience points as the character gets better through using his abilities and spells. It also features several different endings.

The game plays in the world of Tempest. The civilization had been overrun by an evil warlord and the last castle of the good is under siege. The player's character is then teleported in the already occupied and devastated land, where he strives to fulfill his quest to defeat the warlord and his minions.

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