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How to play Microwave

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Microwave Description

Microwave is an action game that contains four mazes that are viewed from a top down perspective. The player controls Teddy the Salvage Man who in each maze has to move around and collect a number of objects such as knives, hammers and calculators. Once they have been all collected an exit appears that transports Teddy to the next level. Teddy is chased by four different aliens (Trixy, Monty, Biff and Lurch) that have to be avoided or a life will be lost.

To fight off the aliens, Teddy has access to microwave dishes. By pressing the fire button one is dropped and a beam will shoot out as far as it can in the direction opposite of Teddy's movement. Aliens that are hit by it are destroyed although they will soon respawn somewhere in the maze. In addition to the aliens there are also grenades which has to be avoided as soon as they turn blue since that means they are about to explode.

Microwave - additional information

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