Dark Legions

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How to play Dark Legions

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Dark Legions Description

Dark Legions is an action based strategy game where you battle your computer or human foe in a strategic game board. When one player moves a piece into the same square as an opponent the action is instantly transferred to another board map that represents the terrain upon which the two pieces occupy and each player starts with their single piece on this “melee map” and must duel it out using their figures. Each figure type has unique abilities and at least two attack types. Examples include: Wizards with ranged attack to freeze enemy units on the strategic map; wraiths that can teleport across the strategic map and have multiple (weak) live leaching attacks in melee; Specters that are invisible to your opponent in melee yet move/attack slowly; Vampires that can paralyze opponents in melee, fly and leach hit points, can raise zombies, yet they are easy to damage and grow weaker each turn; Ogres that move very slowly yet have a strong attack, strong defense and a special ability that allows them to turn into a “rock” on the strategic map; Spell casters that "scrabble" the controls of their opponent in melee; etc...

In the beginning of the game you will buy your forces with a predefined number of credits, and be able to purchase any of the 16 characters along with various kinds of traps and even rings to upgrade your creatures with rings and items of power.

Dark Legions was released at almost the same time as the original Warcraft and was in direct competition with this game with a much weaker publisher. While Dark Legions won acclaim and awards it was the more frantic and continuous “real time” with the ability of gamers to build mass armies as the game progressed coupled with Warcraft’s stronger retail presence that that won the sales in the mid 90s and no sequel was ever released.

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