Ace of Aces

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Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.


When the game is first launched, a menu screen with options to either practice or partake in a proper mission is shown. If the player decides to do the practice mode, they can choose whether to do a dog fight or a U-Boat or train bombing. While in practice mode, the enemies are toned down. The five different view options can be accessed by clicked buttons on either the keyboard or by double-tapping the fire button, followed by moving the joystick to the desired direction. The five view options are the cockpit, both left and right wings, the navigational map and the bomb bay. When in missions, the player controls a twin-engines balsa RAF Mosquito and at the start of each mission, the plane is already airborne, mitigating the necessity of takeoff. When starting a mission, the player chooses what they wish to bring, but the more that's brought, the lower the maximum speed of the plane. At the end of missions, there is no need to land and points are awarded according to how many enemies are shot down, along with the amount of unused fuel, bombs, and missiles. When missions are completed, the player can choose to combine two or more to produce a mashup of multiple missions.

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Atari 7800
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Accolade, Inc.
Atari Corporation
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Ace of Aces - Cover Art Atari 7800

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