Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold

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How to play Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold Description

The gameplay of Aliens of Gold is very similar to Wolfenstein 3D. Playable areas are single-leveled, with orthogonal walls and textured floors and ceilings. Level features include: locked doors which can be opened by four colors of access cards (gold, green, yellow and blue) plus red access cards to enter new floors, one-way doors, secret rooms accessible through pushable wall blocks, and teleports that instantly take the player into another location within the level (or in one instance to the episode's secret level). Five weapons are available.

Dr. Goldfire appears periodically in certain sections and will attack Stone. After being hit a few times, he activates a teleporter on his watch and escapes. Conscript type enemies have the ability to pick up ammunition when they run out.

There are multiple food dispensers in each level, at which the player can spend tokens to purchase food that recharges Stone's health. There are also non-hostile 'informant' scientists who provide information, ammunition, and tokens when spoken to. Informants and hostile scientists look exactly the same, and can only be told apart when Stone speaks to them or begins firing in their direction.

In every level the player can boost points for score by destroying all enemies, collecting all points and keeping all informants alive which increases the three respective statuses. Total Points is affected by both the enemies destroyed and the treasure collected. The all informants alive bonus can only be obtained if all informants survive after the first two bonuses are obtained. Floor rating is affected by the other three statuses. Mission rating is affected by the overall statuses from floors 1 to 9. Killing informants decreases both Floor and Mission Rating.

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