5th Gear

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5th Gear was a computer game for the Commodore 64, released on the Rack-It budget label. It was programmed by Jeroen Leitjen, with music by Theo & Renier Hogens.

The inspiration for the game came from the arcades -- Steer and Go, and Spy Hunter.

The player controlled a white car that had to travel up (and then down) a tricky landscape filled with water, bumps, trees and enemy vehicles. Cash was earned by completing levels, with an initial $10000 available. This was spent at the garages - to buy extra fuel, repair the car's armour and put add-ons for the car. These included a turbo-jump (allowing the car to get airborne unassisted, rather than relying on jumps) and water-proofing.

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Commodore 64
Racing / Driving
Game year: 
Hewson Consultants Ltd.
Developed by: 
Fantastic Four
5th Gear - Cover Art Commodore 64

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