Colossal Adventure

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How to play Colossal Adventure

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Colossal Adventure Description

Our hero must rescue the elves and find fifteen pieces of treasure.There are many dark areas, so lights and batteries are at a premium.

Be careful of vicious dwarves, who can be killed using axes.You can carry up to four objects at a time; the useful ones include a newspaper, keys and sandwiches.Colossal Adventure takes its cue from the very earliest mainframe text adventures.The vocabulary includes saying spell names, DROPping items to stay within the carrying limit (and for other specific reasons), CATCHing a bird, and standard directions plus IN and OUT.

Colossal Adventure - additional information

ZX Spectrum Colossal Adventure
Amstrad CPC Colossal Adventure
Atari 800 Colossal Adventure
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Colossal Adventure - Cover Art Commodore 64