Dark Side

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How to play Dark Side

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Dark Side Description

The game is set on the alien moon Tricuspid orbiting the planet Evath. Terrorists hijacked the moon's facilities and built an immense beam weapon (called Zephyr One) on the moon's dark side, with the purpose of destroying Evath. The player is a government agent, sent secretly to the moon's surface with the mission of deactivating the weapon before it becomes fully active. This is accomplished by destroying the power network in the form of ECD (Energy Collection Device) columns, dotted around the moon and connected with power lines all the way to the beam weapon. To complete the mission, the player has at his disposal an arsenal of beam weapons mounted on a jetpack equipped pressure suit. To complete the game, the player has to destroy all ECDs in a specific order and avoid capture and death by the traps left by the terrorists. The player has limited time to complete the game, based on the energy levels accumulated in Zephyr One. When the weapon is fully charged, the beam is fired destroying Evath and the game ends.

The game's environment is displayed in first person view with the player viewing the world through the suit's helmet. A targeting cross-hair displayed in the helmet's HUD allows the client to fire the suit's weapon at specific locations. The player can move in all directions by walking or activating the jetpack. The suit is powered by an energy source that gets depleted with every movement or when the weapon is fired. There are a number of "recharge" points hidden in the game where the player can replenish the suit's energy.

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