Crosscountry USA (Home Edition)

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How to play Crosscountry USA (Home Edition)

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Crosscountry USA (Home Edition) Description

Home Edition of this educational U.S. geography simulation provides 19 scenarios which may be selected by the player. During each scenario the player drive an 18-wheel truck around the United States of America picking up and delivering a variety of commodities. Commands such as turn on the motor, fasten the belt, examine the map, set a direction, rest, eat, repair, get the hitchhiker, go to a gas station, etc., are performed with clicks on appropriate item or icon on the screen. However, commodity type or answers on occasional questions should be typed in. As players travel between the cities, they learn valuable skills such as problem solving, map reading, and decision making. They'll learn time management, decide when to eat and sleep, and watch road conditions based on the weather, season, and climate. Once all necessary commodities are collected and destination is reached, the scenario is treated as successfully completed.

The game is available for 1-2 players. It may be saved in progress to restore it later.

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Crosscountry USA (Home Edition) - Cover Art DOS