Ducks Ahoy!

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How to play Ducks Ahoy!

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Ducks Ahoy! Description

Ducks Ahoy! The player is in control of a boat which can carry two ducks at the same time.Venice.The aim is to catch the ducks with the boat and deliver them to the beach.After ten ducks are delivered to the beach they start to sing and the the game restarts, increasing the difficulty by making the ducks faster.On the screen you see some houses, the canal and the beach (on the top).

To make things more difficult there's a hippo in the water swimming around (always where the bubbles on the surface are). The ducks start to walk around the houses slowly getting to the exit where they just jump out into the open no matter if there is a boat waiting for them or it's just water.If the hippo catches the boat the player loses a life.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Ducks Ahoy!

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Ducks Ahoy! - additional information

Game year
Ducks Ahoy! - Cover Art Commodore 64