Falklands 82

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Falklands '82 is a simulation of the conflict between the land forces of the United Kingdom and Argentina, over the period 21st May to 15th June 1982, following the invasion of the Falkland Islands, by the forces of the Argentina Junta.

The screen map represents the northern part of East Falkland Island, where the major part of the land combat took place.

At the beginning of a game you have to choose one of five difficulty levels and one of four landing zones.

The game is played over 25 to 30 rounds/turns. Each turn is one full day.

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Commodore 64
Game year: 
Personal Software Services
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Personal Software Services
Also known as: 
"Malvinas 82" -- Spanish title
"Falklands 82: The Empire Strikes Back" -- C64 in-game title

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