Prehistoric Man

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How to play Prehistoric Man

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Prehistoric Man Description

Prehistoric Man is a collection of six mini-games presented in the form of a TV show about an average day in the life of a prehistoric man as he battles for survival against various dinosaurs and animals. The show is presented by Salisbury Smythe on Public Network Television and as well presenting the start of the show, there are also presentations from him between each game explaining the situations you find yourself in and the creatures you encounter. The six mini-games are:

Searching for Bones: A single-screen maze game viewed from an elevated angle and you have to collect as many bones as you can before a timer runs out or you lose a life. One bone is on screen at one time and when collected, another bone appears in a different place. Also on screen are Dinogophers and these must be avoided and if you touch one you lose a life, and when all your lives are gone then you go to the next game.

Dinner: A single-screen side-view game where you have to catch your favourite food, Flying Dinogophers by climbing up and down a beanstalk throwing rocks. Three Donogophers fly down the screen on your left and the further away then the more points you score for hitting them. It is game over once you use up your limited amount of rocks and off you go to the next game.

Wife Rescue: A single-screen maze game viewed from an elevated angle has you battling a Caveape who has taken your wife and is holding her at the top of the screen. You start at the bottom of the screen and you must collect a certain amount of TNT while avoiding rocks rolled by the Caveape. Once you lose all your lives then you go to the next game.

Forest Fire: A maze game where the screen scrolls downwards as you move your man through the gaps in the fire while avoiding Pteranodons flying around the screen. You must avoid the birds and the fire and it is game over when you are hit too many times and you play the next game.

Searching for Gems: A caveman's favourite thing is diamonds and in this side-view horizontal-scrolling game where the screen scrolls constantly from right to left, you must move up and down the screen to collect the diamonds from Liberian Bats which you also have to avoid. Every time you hit a bat you lose a life and when they are all gone you go to the last game.

A Mammoth Prehistoric Traffic Jam: A single-screen game shown at an elevated angle where you try to get to your cave while avoiding a huge herd of mammoths. Starting on the left of the screen you must move through the gaps of mammoths who are moving up and down the screen in five columns. Mammoths also move across the screen and all must be avoided or it's a loss of life and it is game over when they are all gone.

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