Raid Over Moscow

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The USSR has launched a huge attack on the USA, and the only hope for the free world is for you (as leader of a US Squadron of fighters) to destroy their defense bases. This is done in a multi-stage action game with some similarities to the same developer's Beach Head. All the mini-games must be completed before the time limit on the bomb is expired.

The first thing you will see is a missile being launched; the game then takes you to your hangar, from which you must quickly launch as many ships as possible, a task made difficult by the limited gravity. You must then fly it into Soviet airspace in a side-view shoot 'em up section, in which staying low keeps you safe from radars, and quick reactions see you shoot enemy fighters and avoid trees.

The next scene takes place on a single-screen view, with five windows to shoot through, and enemies aiming at you to be avoided. You then reach the base, and must shoot out approaching enemies. Finally, you must use discs onto a wall, such that they rebound to hit maintenance robots, with the ultimate goal of causing the base to overheat, the Soviet attack to be thwarted, and the US to be saved.

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Commodore 64
Game year: 
Access Software, Inc.
Developed by: 
Access Software, Inc.
Raid Over Moscow - Cover Art Commodore 64
Also known as: 
"Raid!!!" -- French Amstrad CPC title
"Raid!" -- UK reissue title

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Windows 9.x 1997
DOS 1989
ZX Spectrum 1985
MAC OS 7.x 1989
Commodore 64 1987
Windows 3.x 1992
DOS 1992
Windows 3.x 1993