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Nurds are always hungry and Naples Yerty, Hooseby Nurd, Hamish Pupkin and Melvin Lugby are no exception and require feeding so they must explore 50 levels to find four pieces of food on each level. You control one of the Nurds and three other friends can take control of the other Nurds with a joystick. The game is a platform game which scrolls in all directions when you move. There are various nasties and obstacles on each level which need to be avoided or you lose one of three lives. As well being able to jump, Nurds have a special feature, rotor blades fitted to their head which enables them to fly around if the firebutton is held down. If your Nurd touches a wall or platform (not deadly), or you release the fire button then they will float back to the ground but can't fly until they touch solid ground. Once the four pieces of food are collected then it's off to the next level.

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Commodore 64
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U.S. Gold Ltd.

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