Whopper Chase

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How to play Whopper Chase

Each game uses different controls, Games can a combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Whopper Chase Description

The year is 2025. Thanks to hard work and dedication, Burger King® has created a Whopper® that you don't need to go get, it will come to you. Of course, others want a Whopper® and some ingredients want to be extra on a Whopper®. But there is a hungry patron waiting so you must soldier on.

In this game, you are the Whopper®. You must make your way to the right past all obstacles to get to the hungry patron. Along the way, you must also gather the parts to the Burger King® logo, so the patron knows you're a real Whopper® and not a knockoff. You must kill or avoid tomatoes and pickles that want to be on you and dogs, slingshot kids and kitchen brutes that want to eat you. You can shoot shots of ketchup at these beings but beware as the slingshot kid and kitchen brute can shoot/throw knives.

The game was given away to people that ordered a Whopper® meal at Burger King® in 1987 in Spain as a promotion.

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