Solomon's Key

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How to play Solomon's Key

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Solomon's Key Description

The main character, named Dana, is sent to retrieve "Solomon's Key" to restore the world to light from demons that were accidentally released. The object of the game is to advance through the 50 rooms of "Constellation Space" by acquiring a key to the door that leads to the next room before a timer runs out. The game incorporates elements of the platform shooter genre. Dana can run, jump, create or destroy orange blocks adjacent to him as well as create fireballs to destroy demons. The orange blocks can also be destroyed by hitting them with the character's head twice. Along the way Dana can acquire items to upgrade his firepower and extra lives as well as items that award bonus points and unlock hidden rooms. With certain items, Dana must make, then break blocks (sometimes in a certain manner) to make these appear.

At the game-over screen, a "GDV" (Game Deviation Value) score also appears. The score uses a weighted composite of several factors (like levels completed, items found, time and points) which gives the player a good idea of how well the last game was played. The higher the GDV, the better the game.

Solomon's Key - additional information

PC Booter Solomons Key
Commodore 64 Solomon's Key
ZX Spectrum Solomon's Key
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Also known as
"ソロモンの鍵 王女リヒタの涙" -- Japanese SEGA Master System spelling
"ソロモンの鍵" -- Japanese Famicom spelling
"Solomon No Kagi" -- Japanese title
Cover Art
Solomon's Key  - Amstrad CPC Cover Art