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Spannerman Description

After a strong quake the nuclear plant has sustained great damage. Water leaks are reported everywhere and if they are not stopped a nuclear meltdown is certain. Your task is to reduce the water leaks by using your spanner on the joints of the water pipes. It's not an easy task as many leaks are appearing at the same time and in different joints. Roof debris are also falling very often that can kill you instantly. If you manage to avoid the debris you must be very careful with the huge rats. A single bite and you are history. Fortunately there are two things that can protect you from rats, your steel boots and the water level. Both can kill the rats although if you try to kick them is a bit tricky. Water leaks can occur even under the water level where you must try to stop them depending on your air supply.

Spannerman - additional information

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Spannerman -  Cover Art Amstrad CPC