Dangerous Dave in the Deserted Pirates Hideout

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How to play Dangerous Dave in the Deserted Pirates Hideout

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Dangerous Dave in the Deserted Pirates Hideout Description

Dangerous Dave in the Deserted Pirates Hideout! Published in 1990 by Softdisk Publishing (this game also goes under the name 'Dangerous Dave in Trophy Trouble'), this is a puzzle-solving game.

This is one of John Romero’s first games not to long before he became known as the id Software legend. This game has been known as a DOS clone of Mario as some of the characteristics are similar to the Nintendo hit. As Dangerous Dave, you are a little precocious kid who must find ten skateboarding trophies that your nemesis Clyde Cooper has hidden in the pirates hideout. Gameplay in Dangerous Dave is similar to other platform games. What makes this game stand out is the secret levels and the great sense of humor. Your enemies include creative monsters with names like WeirdWeeds, FearsomeFire, and WickedWater, all of which have unique attacking styles and characteristics. Level designs are superb, showing much of the id legends knack at creativity. With heaps of secret levels, hilarious monsters and jokes, and basic but fun gameplay, Dangerous Dave is a top shareware pick that has all the signs that id was going to be a great game creator.

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