Digger Remastered

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How to play Digger Remastered

Arrow Keys: Use the arrow keys to guide Digger through the underground maze. Navigate left, right, up, and down to collect gems and avoid enemies.

Spacebar (Shoot): Press the spacebar to shoot at enemies. It's your defense mechanism against those pesky critters.

Enter (Start/Stop): Press Enter to start or stop the game. Simple and convenient.

Ctrl (Pause): Hit 'Ctrl' to pause the game. Take a breather and strategize your next move.

Esc (Exit): If you need to step away from your underground adventure, press 'Esc' to exit the game.

Digger Remastered Description

Welcome to Digger Remastered, a classic game that brings timeless fun to your screen. Developed by Windmill Software, this gem is a journey into the retro days of gaming.

Digger Remastered is not just a game; it's a piece of gaming history. Created by Windmill Software for MS-DOS, it's a classic arcade adventure that has stood the test of time.

You control Digger, a little guy digging through the underground to collect gems while avoiding enemies. The goal is clear: grab the treasures and avoid getting caught. It's easy to get into, but the challenge keeps you hooked.

Meet Digger, your nimble protagonist. He's on a quest for gems, but beware of those pesky underground critters. Simple characters, but they bring the game to life.

What makes Digger Remastered special? Think teleporters that whisk you away, magical bags that double your loot, and even the ability to shoot your foes. The game keeps surprising you with cool twists that amp up the excitement.

If you're into classic arcade vibes, Digger Remastered is your playground. The pixelated graphics, straightforward controls, and the thrill of navigating the underground create an atmosphere that's both nostalgic and entertaining. It's not just a game; it's a trip back to the days when gaming was all about simple, addictive joy.

As you dive into Digger Remastered, get ready for a dose of retro delight. The pixel graphics and the classic sounds transport you to a time when games were all about uncomplicated fun. It's not about complex plots – it's about the pure joy of playing a classic arcade game. Guide Digger, collect those gems, and experience the pure, unfiltered fun of Digger Remastered on MS-DOS.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Digger Remastered

Speed Matters: Digger moves at a constant speed, so plan your moves strategically. Sometimes a quick escape is the key to success. Shoot Smart: Use your shooting ability wisely. Sometimes it's better to avoid enemies, but when needed, don't hesitate to shoot for safety. Teleportation Tactics: Master the teleporters. They can be your best friend for escaping tight spots or reaching distant gems quickly. Bag Bonanza: Don't ignore the magical bags. They double your score, so prioritize grabbing them whenever you can. Know Your Enemies: Different enemies have different behaviors. Learn their patterns to outsmart them and maximize your gem collection.

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Digger Remastered DOS
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Digger Remastered - Cover Art - DOS

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