THE DARKENING 2 (Doom2 mod)

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How to play THE DARKENING 2 (Doom2 mod)

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THE DARKENING 2 (Doom2 mod) Description

= Episode 2 =
= ver 1.1 =
= The Darkening homepage: =

C O N T E N T:

1.x Version History



4.1 Single player levels
4.2 Deathmatch levels


6.1 Levels
6.2 Music
6.3 Testers

7.1 Textures
7.2 Levels


After being in production for waaaay too long, here is episode 2 of
The Darkening, sadly also the last episode. There will be no third one.

Don't cut your wrists just yet though, because in episode 2 you'll get:

+ 12 single player levels, spiffy ones too
+ 12 deathmatch levels, for all types of play
+ tweaked for optimal gameplay
+ over 600 new textures
+ all new musical score

Sounds cool, eh?

[1.x Version History]

Version 1.1: * Fixed some nasty bugs: VPO in map 04, faulty
coop support, and texture mis-alignments
* Tweaked maps - 02, 04, 09, 12, 14
* Complete nodebuild and "perfect" reject
* New music

Version 1.0: * Original release 3/8/2000


After a hard nights driving about in the galaxy, your trusted space vessel
"Margie" runs out of fuel and you crash on some ugly planet.

Uhm... thats it I think.

Oh yeah; You have to kill stuff too.

(If you depserately need a storyline, go play something else or think of
one yourself.)


Oooh, this is easy. Unpack the files contained in into your
doom2 directory (or whatever directory you want actually) and start the
game like this:

doom2.exe -file darken2.wad

dm.exe -file darken2.wad -warp 13

The deathmatch levels start at map13, as the least retared of you might be
able to figure out from the above example. Heh.


[4.1 Single player levels]

Level name : Outpost Mortem
Author(s) : Ola Björling
Build time : I'd say about 80 hours. (yeah I'm slow...)
editor(s) used : EdMap 1.31
EdMap 1.40
DETH 4.23
BSP 3.0
Bugs : pffft.
Inspiration : Quake 2 DM maps by Sten Uusvali
Authors comments : Designed especially to be map01: Nice intro, quite
easy, small.

Level name : Biotech Terror
Author(s) : Jan Van Der Veken, Derek "Afterglow" Mac Donald
Build time : approximately 10 hours for Derek
editor(s) used : DCK 3.62, Zennode 0.98a
WinDEU 5.24
Bugs : Uh no.
Inspiration : AG Cranium Circuits (TM)
Authors comments : Short & sweet map with most done by Jan, pretty much just
a tech base with computers and monitors around the place...

Level name : Binary Compound
Author(s) : Adam Windsor
Build time : twice as long as half the time
editor(s) used : DETH, BSP, RMB
Bugs : ...
Inspiration: : The other Darkening maps, mainly.
Authors comments : A two-stage compound built at either end of a short canyon.
Kill stuff, marvel at cool Darkening E2 textures. The usual.

Level name : Vindication
Author(s) : Anthony Soto
Build time : I had to sacrifice "Real Life(TM)" for this one...
editor(s) used : DCK 3.62, DETH 4.16b, DMTHA, and RMB.
Bugs : Did I remember to add a player one start?
Inspiration: : Just about everything I've seen. It for some reason something
resembles a pair of .... oops I've said too much.
Authors comments : Your first run through may seem tough and the level may seem
low on ammo. Learn the map and all it's secrets. Use ammo wisely
and don't miss an enemy more than once. Also optimized for
death/botmatch with 4 players.

Level name : Melt-Down
Author : Richard Wiles
Build time : ??
editor(s) used : DoomCAD 6.1, bsp2.3x (nodes)
Bugs : sod off...
Inspiration: : When I fist saw Jan's map & Ola's textures...drool...drool...
Authors comments : My first map on this project. Lots of brown textures to fit in
with what was available at the time.

Level name : At The Heart Of Decay
Author(s) : Jan Van der Veken
Build time : ?? hours
editor(s) used : WinDEU 5.24
Bugs :
Inspiration :
Authors comments :

Level name : Waste Processing
Author(s) : Nick Baker
Build time : xx hours
editor(s) used : Deep '97 v9.30
Bugs : VPO, HOM and stuff. Beware.
Inspiration : This space for rent
Authors comments : The continuation of the previous level. Find the
teleporter that'll get you the hell out of here...

Level name : Lucifer's Laboratory
Author : Richard Wiles
Build time : ??
editor(s) used : DoomCAD 6.1, bsp2.3x (nodes)
Bugs : sod off...
Inspiration: :
Authors comments : Started off as a sp conversion of my DM map but just grew &
grew & grew...

map09 SP
Level name : Hard Core
Author(s) : Jan Van der Veken, Ola Björling, Anthony Soto
Build time : xx hours
editor(s) used : Edmap 1.40
Edmap 1.31
Wadauthor 1.30
WinDEU 5.24
BSP 3.0
Bugs :
Inspiration :
Authors comments : Lots of bits and pieces merged together into one
huge level. The largest in darkening 2.

Level name : Plasmorgasm
Author : Richard Wiles
Build time : ??
editor(s) used : DoomCAD 6.1, bsp2.3x (nodes)
Bugs : sod off...
Inspiration: :
Authors comments : Started life as a jailbreak theme but, well, who needs
bloody themes? This one has a nice plasma gun 'melt-down'
at the end.

Level name : Powerplant
Author : Ben Davies (Item placement by Anthony Soto)
Build time : Too long... maybe about 100 hours?
Editor(s) used : DCK and minor edits with Wintex
Bugs : None that I know of
Inspiration: : Nothing that I can put a finger on
Authors comments : Just play the wads!

Level name : toxicity
Author(s) : Ola Björling
Build time : About 200 hours including drawing stuff out on paper,
running around in the level while feeling bored and
trying to make all the damn crate jumps in a row.
editor(s) used : EdMap 1.31
EdMap 1.40
DETH 4.23
WadAuthor 1.30
BSP 3.0
Bugs : Oh come on
Inspiration : "Dawn Of The Dead" by Jan Van der Veken
The other Darkening episode 2 maps
DOOM episode 1: "Knee-Deep In The Dead"
Quake 2
Telepathic contacts with various extra terrestrials
...And the music of the following artists/bands/whatever:
Richard D. James (Aphex Twin, Polygon Window)
Krister Linder (Yeti), Future Sound Of London, Björk
Gudmundsðottír, Autechre, Henrik B (I once listened to his
track "Älta" over 50 times in a row while working on this
level... perverse, aint it? :)
Authors comments : Biggest map I've ever done, about 600k in size.
This is a quite a hard map, beware. I'd love to see some of you
demo freaks try to do really fast 100/100 UV runs in this one!
Also thanks to : Eric James "Ricrob" Robert - Thanks a million times
to him for troubleshooting and helping when my editors
ate the map.
Matt "Mattrim"/"_Hello98" Dixon for saving this map
from certain damnation when I wrecked it yet again.
Both these guys rule.

[4.2 Deathmatch levels]

Level name : outpost mortem
Author(s) : Ola Björling
Build time : 40 hours
editor(s) used : EdMap 1.31
EdMap 1.40
BSP 3.0
Bugs : some slimetrails
Inspiration : Sten Uusvalis Quake 2 DM maps
Authors comments : Probably my best map ever.

Level name : Mortal Mayhem
Author(s) : Derek "Afterglow" Mac Donald
Build time : 8 hours give or take a few weeks ;)
editor(s) used : DCK 3.62, Zennode 0.98a
Bugs : Wee little HOM in the plasma area. Play with Boom. :)
Inspiration : Quake E1M2 influence around the plasma. Quake causes the HOM! :P
Authors comments : Dandy flat 2 player deathmatch map, includes all weapons except
chainsaw (all those people that use it)
Thanks to mewse for the map name, that whore.

Level name : Broken Circuit
Author(s) : Adam Windsor
Build time : not much
editor(s) used : DETH, BSP
Bugs : ...
Inspiration: : too much to do in too little time ...
Authors comments : This map is designed with Skill 5 Old Deathmatch in

Level name : deva station (yeah yeah yeah there is a map called
deva station in Q3A as well, but I did this one well
over a year before that damn game was released. HA!)
Author(s) : Ola Björling
Build time : 50 hours
editor(s) used : EdMap 1.40
BSP 3.0
Bugs : None
Inspiration : Jans/Anthonys DM map "An Eye For An Eye" (map18)
Authors comments : Originally made to demonstrate texture usage for the
rest of the team, but turned out good enough to be in.

Level name : Magic Roundabout
Author : Richard Wiles
Build time : ??
editor(s) used : DoomCAD 6.1, bsp2.3x (nodes)
Bugs : sod off...
Inspiration: :
Authors comments : My first true DM map. I hope it plays ok?

Level name : An Eye For An Eye
Author(s) : Jan Van der Veken, Anthony Soto
Build time : ?? hours
editor(s) used : WinDEU 5.24
Bugs : We tried to fit some in but there was no room.
Inspiration :
Authors comments : Level by Jan, extra connectivity by Anthony.

Level name : Tight Fight
Author(s) : Jan Van der Veken
Build time : ?? hours
editor(s) used : WinDEU 5.24
Bugs :
Inspiration :
Authors comments :

Level name : Annihilator
Author(s) : Lee Szymanski
Build time : 8 hours total plus learning tools
editor(s) used : Windeu, Wadauthor, BSP
Bugs : Nope
Inspiration : Hours of doom/quake DM play
Authors comments : The level was designed for fast 3/4 player gaming. Id like
to thank Derek for the superb texturing work on this map.

Level name : rest in pieces
Author(s) : Ola Björling & Anthony Soto
Build time : 40 hours
editor(s) used : EdMap 1.40
BSP 3.0
Bugs : Bugs, schmugs.
Inspiration : Unknown
Authors comments: Map by Ola, HOM removal and fine tuning
by Anthony.

Level name : The Edge
Author(s) : Jan Van der Veken
Build time : xx hours
editor(s) used : WinDEU 5.24
Bugs : None, as far as you know.
Inspiration: : See below.
Authors comments : This is a partial remake of the Quake 2 DM map
"The Edge".

Level name : banger hangar
Author(s) : Ola Björling & Derek MacDonald
Build time : 30 hours
editor(s) used : EdMap 1.31
EdMap 1.40
BSP 3.0
Bugs : Is carrot a bug? I think there's a carrot in there.
Inspiration : Unknown
Authors comments : Basic structures and gameflow design by Ola, detailing
and texturing by Derek.

Level name : Interrogation Central II
Author(s) : Jan Van der Veken & Derek MacDonald
Build time : xx hours
editor(s) used : WinDEU 5.24
Bugs :
Inspiration: :
Authors comments : Modified by Derek Mac Donald.

[5] BUGS

* The sky isn't working with MLOOK yet. You're not supposed to look up and
down in DOOM anyway.

* map09 overrides the savegame buffer, so don't try to save until you're well
into that map unless you use a source port. Sorry...


[6.1 Level authors]

Author : Nick Baker
Aliases : NiGHTMARE
Email Address(es) : [email protected]
Webpage :
Other files by me : I've contributed to the Darkening E1, GothicDM
2 and SlaughterDM, and have levels in
numerous upcoming projects, including
Execution, Hellstorm, Mordeth E2, Twice
Risen and Ultimate Invasion.
I am also the moderator of the Surge series,
Paradox and Wrath.
Thanks/Greetings to : Derek and Anthony for spotting all those VPOs and HOMs
everywhere; Ola for some killer textures; anyone else who
wants thanks or wants to be greeted :)
Comments : I _hate_ being limited to doom2.exe ;)

Author : Ola Björling
Aliases : o-tech, citrus
Email Address(es) : [email protected]
Webpage :
Other files by me : Tantrum
Tantrum 2
Overload DM (textures and 7 or so maps)
Talosian Incident (map08)
Gothic DM 2 (some ugly textures)
I also did some textures for Mordeth episode 3.
Thanks/Greetings to : * The rest of the team for their efforts, especially
Derek for saving me when my inspiration was running
* I'd also like to thank Eric James "ricrob" Roberts
and Matthew Dixon for saving me when I managed to fuck
up some levels.
* My employer for letting me use office hardware for
this, and for their encouragement (!) in my efforts.
* The music of Bjork Gudmundsdottir, Autechre, Aphex
Twin, Phlegm, Psychonauts and Yeti has helped me
* Anyone that I might have forgotten. If you feel you've
been left out, drop me a line and I'll have you in the
next version, if there will ever be one.
* Julia.
Comments : It's over. It's finally over.

Author : Ben Davies
Aliases :
Email Address(es) : [email protected] or
[email protected]
Webpage : none yet
Other files by me : INNRGATE (on
Thanks/Greetings to : Andre Majorel for level testing and a load of comments.
Anthony Soto for level testing, thing placement and some
edits on the level. More importantly, for pushing me to
finally finish the level.
The Darkening Team for letting me in :-)
Comments : I'm glad thats over! :-)

Author : Derek Mac Donald
Aliases : Afterglow, Afterglew, `g, derekmd
Email Address(es) : [email protected], [email protected] (backup)
Webpage :
Other files by me : - Jägermörder, Boom SP series (1 map released thus far)
* levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/
- SacrificeDM series (6 maps released)
* levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/d-f/dmdsac0*.zip with
* being 1 thru 6
- Gothic99 (contributed 1 map)
* levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/g-i/
- SlaughterDM (contributed in a few maps, 1 solo one)
* levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/s-u/
- SurgeDM2 (contributed 5 maps)
* levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/
- Co-author of The Seventh 07 with Prower
* levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/
- Deadly Simplified, Doom2 map07 modification
* Available on my web site
- Converted many textures for use with Doom II
* Available on my web site
Thanks/Greetings to : Mattrim Dixon for harassing me on ICQ, Martin Friberg
for not doing what he's told, mystican for being
moderator of #doomroom so I have to say hello or he'll
ban me... & Ricrob for his praise keeps me alive. ;)
mewse for giving good hea-- lthy mapping tips.
Comments : Ola needed help to get some things done so I came
aboard. Simple as that. :) One more note... doom2.exe
is the devil! The devil I tell ya! (just like foozball)

Author : Anthony Soto
Aliases : Swedish Fish
Email Address(es) : [email protected]
Webpage :
Other files by me : Early DM work in TWC* series (\..\themes\TWC) (1 Level SP map)
Coauthor of map2 in
Next Project: mapping for Mordeth Episode 3
Thanks/Greetings to : Anthony Czerwonka "Adelusion" for putting faith in
my map skills before I had even proven myself. The
experience and exposure I recieved were invaluable.
Thanks to Jan for letting me be part of this very
talented team and Ola for keeping this project going.
Thanks to Ben for getting me interested in this
project by a screenshot of his map and NO thanks for
stealing 150+ precious hours of my life. J/k. :-)
My worthy playtesters: Doug Merrill, Ismail Saeed
Comments : DOOM dead? Pfft. If you said DOOM was dead yesterday,
look what you would have missed today!

Author : Lee Szymanski
Aliases : Fen boi
Email Address(es) : [email protected]
Webpage : N/A
Other files by me : Nope
Thanks/Greetings to : iD for everything. The Darkening Team, Kurt Kesler,
Ace team and the Covert ops guys for the excellent maps.
My ever increasing family and Simoco for keeping me
solvent :) Randy Heit and Kokak for zdoom goodness.
Comments : I hope everyone enjoys Darkening 2, I welcome any
comments on the map.

Author : Richard Wiles
Aliases : None that I would own up to.
Email Address(es) : [email protected]
Webpage : none
Other files by me : The 'Dickie' Series (10 DooM2 maps)
Nessy (2 maps for DooM2 Plutonia)
Spooky01-05 (DooM1 individual maps)
"The Crusades" - a complete e4 replacement for Ultimate DooM
Thanks/Greetings to : My wife Ness for tolerating my doom 'habit'.
idsoftware for DooM - best game ever!
All you wacky DooMers out there who never quite grew up either...
...and, of course, the rest of the Darkening Team for their
hard work in putting this wad together.
Comments :

Author Name : Adam Windsor
Nickname(s) : Capellan
Email address(es) : [email protected]
Homepage : eh, sorta ...
Other files by me : Demonfear
Contributor: Memento Mori 2, STRAIN, Requiem,
Darkening Ep1
Thanks/Greetings : everyone who submitted a level for the Darkening E2,
whether it was included or not

[6.2 Music authors]

Author Name : S. Woodman
Nickname(s) : Metabolist
E-Mail address(es) : [email protected]
Homepage :
Other files by me : doom/s-u/ <--- good
doom2/ports/s-u/ <--- not good
Music in Twice Risen (not released)
Misc Author Info : 24-year old Englishman with passions for DOOM editing, NIN,
MIDIs, Red Dwarf and going totally psychotic for no reason.
Thanks/Greetings : TiC, Adelusion, Bjorn Hermans, Nostromo, Matt Fell, Jeremy
Doyle, Mark Klem, David Shaw, Kniggit, Adam Windsor, Ty
Halderman etc.

Author Name : Kniggit
Nickname(s) : Kniggit
Email address(es) : [email protected]
Homepage :
Other files by me : Music in:
Mordeth E2
Thanks/Greetings :

[6.3 Testers]
* Everyone in the team
* Matthew Dixon
* Tom Robinson
* Andy Kempling
* Doug Merrill
* Ismail Saeed

...and any poors sods we forgot.


[7.1 Textures]

Please do NOT extract textures from darken2.wad and do NOT create levels that
are depending on darken2.wad to run. If you want to create a level that uses
the textures from The Darkening Episode 2, use the standalone texture WAD. See for more information.

[7.2 Levels]

Authors may NOT use these levels as a base to build additional levels.

You may distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with no
modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS,
Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this textfile intact.

THE DARKENING 2 (Doom2 mod) - additional information

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