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How to play Arcticfox

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Arcticfox Description

The game is set in 2005 where aliens have taken over the continent of Antarctica. The player is sent to eradicate the intruders. The player's weapon is a new super tank, the Slye-Hicks MX-100, codenamed Arcticfox.

The Arcticfox is equipped with a cannon, guided missiles and mines. It is also outfitted with fore and aft viewscreens, radar and a GPS device. The player goes up against a variety of enemy units, including planes, tanks, bunkers and communication towers. The game allowed the player to target specific parts of enemy targets, such as the hull, wing, etc.

The vantage point for the game is the cockpit of the Arcticfox. The player can see out the main viewscreen as well as his sundry features (such as the radar screen) and can see his character's hand on the joystick which steers the tank. When the player directs the tank to steer left, the hand of the character onscreen moves left as well. The same is true for all directions. Enemy targets are visible via the viewscreens and on radar.

One unusual feature of Arcticfox was the perspective of the player. As well as being able to see the character's hand on the controls, the landscape perspective changes relative to the player's tank. That is, if the Arcticfox is driving along tilted on the side of a slope, the landscape tilts relative to the player's own tilted position. This type of vantage point was very unusual and groundbreaking for a game of the home computer era.

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