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How to play Armada

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Armada Description

Armada is a Battleship variant. With all options deselected, it offers the standard experience: Each the player and the opponent (either another human or the computer) have a 10x10 grid on which they divide five ships of different sizes. Then they take turns and select one of the other's grids to take a shot. The goal is to destroy all enemy ships first.

The available special options are stealth fighters (each side has a combat plane which automatically take additional shots on the other grid), scopes (allows to scout the enemy grids, but adds a time limit of 60 seconds), mines (kill everything within their blast radius of 2 grids when hit) and day/night. When all or one of those options are used, the abilities of the ships come into play: the carrier (five grids) is responsible for keeping the stealth fighter in play and the destroyers (four grids) hold the equipment for keeping the jammers (2 grids) useful which hurt the enemy's scope. There are also three different AI opponents with different scope training and one of them instantly knows the mine coordinates.

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