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How to play Reunion

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Reunion Description

In the 27th century, centuries of peace have allowed great scientific progress in the development of the first interstellar warp drive. Two research ships, designated Explorer-1 and Explorer-2, are outfitted with the experimental drives and sent to find new planets of colonization. Only Explorer-2 returns back to Earth out of the 2 Explorers. Refitted as a colony vessel, the Explorer-2 is once again ready to embark when, suddenly, peace is disrupted and the humans were ripped apart from each other. At this same time, a planet-wide rebellion stages a great coup and overthrows the Earthen government, throwing the world into chaos and severing the union. The Explorer-2, crewed by a loyalist space crew, barely escapes the rebellion and leaves the Solar System. Years later after the rebellion, the Explorer-2 arrives damaged at its destination and a colony is set up, naming it "New Earth". After many generations of being separated from Earth, the colony is self-sufficient enough to develop a mission only the best can tread: Explore nearby space, research new technologies, harvest resources, develop a space fleet and eventually... reconquer and reunify Earth, leading to the greatest reunion the universe has ever set its eyes on.

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