The Alphamatic

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The story continues where Atroxian Realm left off. Keen faces a bigger and even deadlier Armageddon Machine as seen in Keen 5. This time he must save the galaxy from VitaCorp and unravel the mystery of the Atroxians.
Level List
The Alphamatic level map

Keen assaults the Alphamatic!
Keen intersects the Fuel Line
Keen blasts through Fuel Processing
Keen locks in on the Power Grid
Keen examines the Extraction Core
Keen crosses the Orbital Transit
Keen accesses the Atomic Rails
Keen sneaks through the Cryptocorridor
Keen gets tangled in the Quantum Chambers
Keen scales the Dynamo Access Shaft
Keen charges through Surge Protection
Keen cracks the Dynamo Guard Vault
Keen disarms the Alpha Explosion Dynamo
Keen explores Mars Station
Keen crosses a defense tunnel
Keen drops into the Ventilation Ducts
Keen silently sneaks through the Dynamo Deck

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