Prehistorik 2

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How to play Prehistorik 2

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Prehistorik 2 Description

In 1993 Prehistorik 2 was released. You can play this game online here on Classic Reload. The game is a simple platform game where the player walks and jumps his/her way through the levels and whacks enemies in the head with a club. Points can be collected by both whacking enemies and collecting items (including food, diamonds, video games, etc.). The levels contain hidden food items which can be discovered by hitting the right spots with the club.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Prehistorik 2

New level codes for Prehistorik 2

Level Expert
level 1 d611
level 2 0683
jungle E3E3
tree houses 1455
tree trunk 44C6
snow level F1B5
Ice caves 2227
Fortress 5290

The level codes:
Level Beginner Expert
Level 1 8DD2
Level 2 95E3
Jungle A605 3527
TreeHouses 6D96
Tree Trunk 75A7 4541
Snow level 7DB0 0CD2
Ice Caves 85C1 14E3
Fortress 1CF4

Submitted by: Pilarha

Beg Exp Level
72D5 - 4C72 Lvl. 1
A3E0 - 7D85 Lvl. 2
D4F3 - 2617 Lvl. 3
0607 - 5722 Jungle

Prehistorik 2 - additional information

Game year
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