Zoo Keeper

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Each game uses different controls, Games can a combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.


In Zoo Keeper you serve as temporary zoo keeper whose job is first to fix damage caused by "Troublemakers," and eventually to return endangered animals to the wild. The goal is track down Troublemakers and repair the habitats they foul up, you explore the habitat regions of the zoo to learn what the animals' homes are supposed to be like. Information on animal life and habitats comes from Zoonie, a robot with the lowdown on the zoo's inhabitants. If a baddie drops the temperature and adds foreign plants to the giraffe's home, for example, Zoonie explains how things should be. You then adjust the environment, drag the wrong plants and food to the trash can, and add the right seeds and foods to the habitat. When order is restored, an animated animal will frolic across the screen. A single still photo of each animal is available through a binocular icon.

Dedicated to Rachel Stepien.

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Davidson & Associates, Inc.
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Davidson & Associates, Inc.
Zoo Keeper - Cover Art DOS
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