Wishbone and the Amazing Odyssey

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Wishbone And The Amazing Odyssey is a lesson about Homer's «Odyssey» in which Wishbone (a Jack Russell terrier from a PBS educational television show) plays the role of Odysseus. Wishbone must re-enact Homer's «Odyssey» in order to return to his own time. To achieve this goal, Wishbone must interact with characters and the surroundings, taking command of his crew, and sailing around the ancient Greece while making all the classic stops outlined in Homer's poem.

Additionally, the game features the Knowledge Vault, an online reference about Homer's «Odyssey» that includes a glossary, time line, and a list of characters and locations.

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Windows 3.x
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Palladium Interactive, Inc.
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Human Code, Inc.
Wishbone and the Amazing Odyssey - Cover Art Windows 3.1

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