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How to play Elfland

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Elfland Description

In the two volumes of Elfland you play as an Elf battling off the insidious trolls that have attacked your country. In volume one make the dangerous excursion to Gorgimer's Castle to get a mixture that will help against the trolls. Gorgimer the Alchemist isn't well disposed to outsiders so you must figure out how to persuade him to help the Elves. In volume two you will proceed with the experience as you save the town mythical people by crushing the Troll Chieftain.

Toward the begin of the game, decide to play as a kid or young lady (Elfie or Elfita). Gameplay comprises to a great extent of stage bouncing while keeping away from adversaries. You can bounce up into trees, crosswise over mists, and down into obscured natural hollows. A combination of adversaries will assault and piece your direction, yet it is conceivable to incidentally shock them by tossing blaze berries. The diversion is over when your life meter achieves zero.

The adventuring part of this game comprises of conversing with different characters that uncover tips and plot advancements. Each neighborly NPC has something to say. The amusement begins in the wellbeing of the Elf town, so converse with everybody. While investigating Elfland you'll discover blaze berries, pearls, fruits, and different extra things. In this diversion mythical people can't swim, so be watchful around water, ordinarily a turtle will assist. A lot of mystery things are holding up to be discovered so gaze upward in the mists.

At last, the amusement includes a convenient spare and reload framework. The amusement is separated into two noteworthy sections, the first of which can be openly downloaded.

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