Enigma II

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How to play Enigma II

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Enigma II Description

Enigma II is a thrilling vertical space battle game that puts players in control of a ship located at the bottom of the screen. In this game, players must use their quick reflexes and precise aiming skills to fire at a variety of enemy ships, alien creatures, and the powerful mother ship. As the game progresses, the enemies become more challenging, and players must upgrade their ship's weapons and defenses to keep up with the increasing difficulty.

Get ready to test your skills and take on the challenge of Enigma II! Experience the excitement by playing the game on Classic Reload. Simply insert credits or coins with the press of 5, select options by pressing 1, and use the arrow keys to move your ship and the Ctrl key to fire your weapons.

Enigma II - additional information

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Enigma II "
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