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How to play Fighter

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Fighter Description

Taiwan's creation, which appeared just in the period preceding the appearance of Mortal Kombat , - then dominated the game Street Fighter II of , which is also - along with MK - considered one of the most popular fighting games. Apparently, this popularity has touched the developers of a little-known company Long the Weight (重長企業) to the quick, and they also decided to show itself in the market of entertainment software. However, the Chinese response came out very asymmetric, but still with the original shares. A special place here is in the detailed focus on the character of the person. By the way, exactly the same interesting profiles of fighters can be seen in the later game Taiwan Chain A & the Combo: Chaos Light (1999). But at the outset, as always, it is a little story to tell on the basis that somehow a little like the story of the wonderful movie "Fearless» (Huo Yuan-Jia) with Jet Li in the title role.

China - a country with a rich and ancient culture. One of China to the shores of many ships sailed the European powers. Vested overseas businessmen want only one (as always before) - plunder and pilfer the country into pieces. But they did not know that in China there are martial arts - only this could make foreigners think about. As the main figures in the game acts as a Chinese girl named Shan Pu (珊璞). She's a child involved in martial arts and eventually became the champion. Now you can show the world that Chinese fighters - the best. On the big competitions on an equal footing, participants from different countries will be competing in uncompromising battles. Once already we were talking about a single character, then it was time to go "to the person" ...

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