Fighting Dragon

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How to play Fighting Dragon

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Fighting Dragon Description

The plot is simple. After sizzling global nuclear conflict with the human genome everything finally went somehow "wrong". People have become mutants, resulting in a long time they have to be in the biological condition of the dragons. While these dragons in the game are mostly the most that neither is a common dinosaurs (reptilian theory supporters rejoice!). In general, outside of the ring all of these fighters for ecological reasons unknown to us are forced to eke out their miserable existence in the form of mindless dinosaurs, and only in brief moments of uncompromising struggle, they regain the ability to be a short time people.

Fighters only eight, and they are all colorful, because, as has been said, people "a little bit" mutated. The first fighter named Attila, politically correct to put it - a hybrid of human and bird dog. Next comes Chios - man-cat, is nothing unusual: only the claws on his hands and a mustache on his face. There is still Pliny - very muscular fighter. Pliny escaped severe mutations, but his hair is steel blue. Then comes Rauric - a soldier dressed in armor. With Rauric in terms of genetics is also all right, but one of the brushes (left) in his amputated and replaced it attached to a hand prosthesis - a sharp sword. Of course, in any fighting game must be present, and women fighters. In this game, they already two, they are both muscular, combative and, of course, frivolously dressed (just useless clothes hamper movement in combat). The first female fighter - Agariste, her big ears and the back has a long tail, which tells us about the genetic closeness to the family cat. Second - Arian, in her hand a heavy rectangular boomerang but sharp ears no abnormalities in the genome of her, apparently not. The colorful fighters questionnaire provides information about their character and personal preferences. There are still two fighters: Tyrell and Stadiatis, but somehow for their personal profiles developers were not provided.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Fighting Dragon

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Fighting Dragon - additional information

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