Gary Grigsby's Pacific War

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How to play Gary Grigsby's Pacific War

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Gary Grigsby's Pacific War Description

Gary Grigby's Pacific War is a computer-based strategy wargame released by Stategic Simulations Inc in 1992. It covered the war in the Pacific between the Imperial Japanese Empire and the Western Alliance, including China. The main map of the game stretched from north of the Aleutians to south of New Zealand and Australia, and from the eastern coast of India to the western coast of North America. It included aircraft carrier battles, amphibious assaults, strategic bombing, kamikazies, and the submarine war against naval and merchant shipping.

The game showed an approximation map of the Pacific with strategic locations being the focal point of action. Units employed were individual capital ships, groups of transport ships, air squadrons, and infantry divisions down to brigades and even in some cases battalions. A general concept of "supplies" - representing food, fuel, ammunition and spare parts - was an important factor, for an infantry division that had no supplies would surrender in short order.

The game was a turn-based setup, each turn covering 1 week. It could be a solo player against the AI, or two players against each other on the same computer, or by exchanging turn files by email. Each player could play as the Allied or Japanese commander. The game ended in an inevitable Allied victory, the main consideration being when the fighting would end; as early as 1943 or as late as 1946. There was a posibility for the Allies suing for peace, but it was exceedingly difficult to accomplish. There were provisions for fighting shorter campaigns: the Japanese offensive period; Coral Sea - Midway period; Guadalcanal; The Marianas landings; or the Leyte Gulf battles. Or you could fight the whole war from Pearl Harbour to the surrender, or a slightly shorter version from Midway to surrender.

The game was designed and programmed by Gary Grigsby, produced by George MacDonald, and with game development by Joel Billings, David Landrey and James Young.

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